Heaven's Thunder

Heaven's ThunderThunder Outreach Music Ministries is just one of the ways that Team Thunder is taking God's Love and passion where ever they are called to reach out to. With the heart of the Holy Spirit, Thunder Outreach music has been blessed with opportunities to sing, praise and intercede for churches, events, outreaches and 24 hour worship programs.

Music and Worship is a great way to open a path for our spirits and souls to be blessed by God's love and power. It is a river of spirit, emotion, compassion, and freedom that carries the heart of the Holy spirit to God's people. Reaching out to people and asking God to intercede in our lives open up the heavens and the door to His glory for our lives, families, communities, region, and nation.

Thunder team members are not worship leaders. They have been called to be lead worshipers and reach out to His people!

Deeply rooted in the classic/southern rock genre, Heaven’s Thunder has borrowed from such musical influences as; Third Day, Lynrd Skynrd, Jesus Culture and Casting Crowns with a hint of country thrown in just for good measure! Their blend of acoustic and electric guitars, along with a solid foundation of heavy bass & hard-driving drums, sets the stage for the positive message evoked through their harmonious vocals. Heaven’s Thunder has performed at venues ranging from the local community block-party to Faith & Family events at local sports stadiums and everything in between! Heaven’s Thunder is ready to take you for a ride, the only question is: Where will the ride take you?

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click here to listen to one of Heaven's Thunder original songs ( Psalm 117)


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